Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector Review

////Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector Review

Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector Review

Today we’re bringing you a review of Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector, one of SportsBikeShop’s most popular products in the Body Armour category. And for very good reason too. Before we get into the detail of the product, let’s take a quick look at some of the review scores from customers. Split by the Quality, Price, Reviews and wrapped up with an overall score. The scores below give you a good indication as to how well Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector compares to other products in the Body Armour category and against alternative products from Spidi.










Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector

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  • Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector CE approved level 2 Foldable for easy storage Vented for air circulation Adjustable waist straps Weighs 560gm Average residual energy of 7.8KNs 3 sizes available The Spidi Back Warrior uses technology based on high shock absorbing, light composite materials resulting in level 2 CE certification. During certification tests for this kind of protector, the required value of residual energy must not be over 18 KNs for level 1 and 9 KNs for level 2. The average residual energy of Back Warrior is 7.8 KNs. Surprisingly light, thin and comfortable, this protector evolves the idea of the improved comfort as a factor while also improving safety, resulting in making riding easier and lets the rider concentrate better on the road. The implementation of comfortable material and an innovative design allowed the Back Warrior to weigh under 560g. Great focus has been put on ergonomics too, a double fastening system on the belt and different 3 sizes guarantees a custom fit. This customization is also aimed at keeping the protector tight against the rider’s back and to not compromise the fitting of the jacket worn over the Back Warrior.
  • Product codes: 1544332409-15397

Whether it’s a new jacket, boots, gloves or a full exhaust system, ReviewBikeKit brings you the most detailed reviews from experts and customers alike in order to help you find the very best kit, at the very best prices. We’ve got around 28,000 products in our review database, and over 134 products from Spidi. In fact we’ve got reviews of 85 products in the Body Armour category.

When we buy new bike kit, there’s tons of different aspects that we take into account to decide if it’s right for us. If it’s a helmet or other protective clothing we obviously want great quality and safety. If it’s an exhaust we want it to sound great, if it’s a part for our bike we of course want it to be durable. That’s why it’s really important for us to read reviews before we make a purchase on bike kit. Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector scored 5 out of 5 at SportsBikeShop with 1 customer reviews, so let’s explore what makes this such a popular choice.

We run regular scans of the internet to find the retailers that are offering Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector at the best price (note that we only scan the most popular and trusted retailers for your peace of mind, shops like SportsBikeShop, GhostBikes etc). In our most recent scan we found that Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector was available from SportsBikeShop at just £169.99.

In order to understand why Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector got a price score of 8.9 out of 10, let’s look at the price in a little more detail. For products like Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector you can expect to pay £43.53 on average for a product in the Body Armour category. The most expensive product in this category is £323.99, whereas the cheapest product available in the same category is £6.99.


We’ll now explore the price of Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector against other products from Spidi. There are a total of 134 Spidi items at SportsBikeShop, but to dig a little deeper, in the Body Armour category there are 8 products from Spidi. The average price of a product from Spidi is £218.28, with the lowest priced at £6.99 and most expensive £1014.99.


Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector Review

The best reviews that we can read are those from actual customers. Whilst the expert or magazine reviews are great, they don’t tend to give you as much information as a whole load of customers that have tried and used the product for a much longer period and in different circumstances. For example if you were looking to buy a waterproof bike jacket, you want to read reviews from customers that have worn it for a year and can give you the honest opinion on how waterproof it is after a year. Likewise you want to know that products like Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector live up to the manufacturer and shop descriptions. We scored Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector 8.2 out of 10, and customers at SportsBikeShop scored it 5 out of 5, thanks to the 1 customer reviews.

There are of course many factors that can affect the review score of a product, which can vary from the perception of the brand or product right through to the actual usability, quality and price. One of our best pieces of advice when you’re shopping for products in the null category, or any Clothing products for that matter, is to consider reading plenty of the detailed customer reviews before you buy. Often the review score can help you to make a quick judgement as to how good a product is, but to really get to know if it’s right for you, you need to read lots of the reviews to find out what users are saying about it, good and bad.


Price was the other factor that we mentioned, and that has become increasingly important when we are buying products online, regardless if its motorbike kit or a toothbrush, we want to get a good deal. So be sure to shop around but it’s important that you buy from a retailer that you can trust. As a guide you should expect to be paying roughly £169.99 for Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector as that is the RRP price. SportsBikeShop sell it at £169.99 at the moment which is great. Anything massively under this should raise alarm bells, especially as SportsBikeShop offer a price match promise.

Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector Alternatives

We found that there are a total of 134 Spidi products, and 85 Body Armour available from SportsBikeShop. So we understand that it’s difficult to make decisions when there’s just so much choice. The first thing to do is to write yourself a set of criteria that you want from the product. For example if it’s a helmet you may want a 5 star SHARP rating, if it’s a jacket you may want it to be waterproof and have a removable lining. Use these criteria to help you filter out the products that won’t meet your needs. At that point you can start comparing based on price and reviews.

Another critical part of discovering a new product before you buy it is video. So many brands and customers post video reviews of bike kit online, on websites like YouTube, these reviews are priceless as they show you a hands-on use of the product. We would encourage you to spend a bit of time watching some video reviews of Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector. It’s also worth exploring more photos of the product too, you can find these on Google.

Already own Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector?

If you go on to buy Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector, or already own it, please drop us a comment with your feedback. we’ll use any information like this to help us improve our product reviews. We will also display the review on the website to help future customers to decide if Spidi Back Warrior Back Protector is right for them. So good or bad we want your opinion.

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